Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Waterworks Museum Wedding

Hey everyone!  I haven't worked out yet what days I'll be posting, but I'm hoping to make it a regular weekly thing, so please, keep coming back to check it out!

Last month, my girlfriend and I attended the wedding of a dear friend of hers, up in Boston.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and the reception was held at the Waterworks Museum.  Even when I lived in Boston, I wasn't aware of the museum, but I wish I had been-- it's gorgeous.  Built in the 1880s to keep up with the growing demand for clean water, thanks to Boston's population boom, the Chestnut Hill Reservoir was a working reservoir and pumping station until the 1970s.  It was taken offline in the 70s, and finally became a museum in 2009, though it's still ready for use in case of emergency.

My photos of the museum are less than stellar--still working on photography and modeling skills--but I hope they give you an idea of the architecture, and how beautiful its late 19th century machinery still is.

 It was a great reception location, and I wish I'd been better able to capture how they decorated it--

Adorable wedding cake.  During cocktail hour, drinks came with a straw that either said "I love you," or "I know."

The invitation didn't specify attire, but the wedding website suggested fascinators and leisure suits.  And you don't have to tell me twice to wear a headpiece.

 I love, love, love this headpiece.  It's by Melanie at Nessie Designs, whose work I stumbled across during one of those Etsy marathons I know we've all had.  I thought her pieces were so beautiful, but I couldn't summon the courage to wear one, thinking I didn't have much occasion.  But when I realized I had full license to wear a fascinator, I immediately (seriously, within ten minutes) messaged Melanie and asked her if she'd be able to replicate a headband I'd loved but had already sold.  I told her I'd be wearing a kelly green dress, and planned on doing a 1940s hairstyle, and this is what she came up with--and it's stunning, if I do say so myself.

To top it off, she even made a bobby pin with matching flowers that my girlfriend was able to wear in her jacket lapel!

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 I mixed eras here--the purse is dated earlier than the dress, as is the style of the headband, but I think it works!

My shoes were vintage, and really comfortable.  For some reason, every photo we took in sunlight made my legs and feet glow...

And, because it was a dancing-filled event to which ladies wore heels...
The Inevitable Shoe Installation.  But hey, guess whose comfortable vintage shoes didn't grace the sculpture?

My outfit:
Headband: Nessie Designs
1960s dress: Thrifted
Purse: The Zone (Baltimore, MD)
Shoes: Thrifted

I'm still learning to date my garments, so corrections are welcome-- I think the shoes are probably 1980s, maybe 80s Does the 40s.


  1. I'm not sure if I should call this a hair flower or not! "Headpiece", as you mentioned, seems to do the job! It's simply stunning! And I love the pairing of purple and green!


  2. Ouu, I love your dress and headpiece! I wish people would wear hats and such more often! It's the funniest thing, everytime I wear a vintage hat, my boyfriend feels uncomfortable being in public. It's alright though, we've just gotta bring it back!


    1. I hear you! Secret? My girlfriend took the photos inside the museum, but I think she got a little embarrassed (I can understand, it was *her* friend's wedding, after all!), so I handed photography duties over to an un-embarrassable friend! Will I let that stop me? Heck no.