Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the Fourth Day of Christmas Sweaters...

On the fourth day of Christmas Sweaters,
Santa gave to me--
A sequin self-portrait:

...a bow and beaded holly

...12 knit poinsettias...
...and a white, sequined icicle frieze!

So, I love this sweater.  Who could resist a sequined Santa tossing sequined snow?  He even has pearlescent sequins for cheeks.  I'll probably reinforce some of the sequins before wearing him again, as he's showing a little bit of wear, but I still put this in the top three most adorable Christmas sweaters I own.  (Stay tuned for the others!)

I do like to think that, were Santa to render himself artistically, it'd be with sequins.

I know it's a little nuts to have so many Christmas sweaters--I got a Pinteresque interrogation at a birthday party about why I'd want so many, how would I store them, isn't it impractical?, etc.--but I think I started collecting them because, as you get older, it gets a little harder to hold onto the Christmas spirit,  particularly if the holidays mean your work load actually increases, as mine does.  As a kid, excitement about the season is a given, and so is that feeling of magic, but with the passing years I've found it gets harder to conjure it.  I listen to Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, and *NSync (seriously check out *NSync's Christmas album, it's the best thing about the late 90s), I deck the halls, I shop for gifts.  But for some reason, the thing that really gets me excited is the combination of Holiday + Sequin + Vintage.  Actually, now that I write it out, I shouldn't be remotely surprised!  They're funny, they're self-referential, and they capture the whimsy of the holidays that I miss from childhood.  So.  That's why I'd want so many, I'll store them with lavender, and yes, it's wonderfully, beautifully impractical.



  1. Really, does it get any more fabulously, glamorously festive than a sequence Santa? I rather think not! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. He really is awesome in every way.