Thursday, December 19, 2013

On the Sixth Day of Christmas Sweaters...

On the Sixth Day of Christmas Sweaters,
The Nineties gave to me--
A festive beaded vest...

...and a white, sequined icicle frieze!

Hey guys, what's up, just chillin' in my Christmas sweater vest. 

Since yesterday was a little classier, I thought I'd up the camp factor and bring out this bad guy.  Between the embroidered candy canes, flamboyant holly and ivy, and cute beaded ornaments, it's been one of my favorites since I found it in Baltimore three years ago.  I've styled it here with a peter pan-collared white shirt to really bring out the 1990s vibe, and I have to say, I'm really liking it in a sort of awful way.  

I've pretty assiduously avoided sweater vests in my non-Yuletide wardrobe because, growing up in the 80s-90s, I was far enough removed from their cooler vintage 1940s vibe that my main impression of them is, well, 1990s Nerd Attire.  So my pairing here was originally meant to be ironic, but the longer I check out the details--

--the more possibilities I can see for genuine wear. Huh.  Maybe I could work some actual sweater vests into my wardrobe. 

Who knew the sweater vest had seductive powers?

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