Sunday, December 15, 2013

On the Second Day of Christmas Sweaters

On the second day of Christmas Sweaters,
The 90s gave to me--
Twelve knit poinsettias:

(And a white, sequined icicle frieze!)

Looking at this sweater, my instinct says it's ca. 1990.  

It needs a little TLC--some of the buttons are missing (it's a newer acquisition)--but I like the beading details.  It's a big, comfy knit, exactly what winter calls for. It's a little big, of course, but I have to confess, I've never found a Christmas sweater in a size smaller than large. I'm not sure whether more petite women boycotted the trend or what, but it's just an odd fact of my own luck. It makes for cozier wearing, I figure. 

As my second job picks up, the closer it gets to Christmas, I've been running around like a madwoman--both yesterday's and today's photos were quickly snapped just before I bolted out the door to work.  (Oops! Bad blogger!) I'm hoping to more thoughtfully compose future photos, but I guess craziness is all part of the jolly holiday aura, right?

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