Monday, December 16, 2013

On the Third Day of Christmas Sweaters

A slightly Fauvist Christmas

On the third day of Christmas Sweaters,
The Eighties gave to me:
A bow and beaded holly--

Twelve knit poinsettias...
...and a white, sequined icicle frieze!
Since yesterday's sweater was a little darker, I thought I'd go bright for today, particularly since it's a day at the office!  I'd originally wanted to wear this with a skirt, but its longer length threw of the proportions, so I went with jeans, and decided to pull the 80s back a little in time with some victory rolls.  

I just started getting them to look okay, so I'm doing variations on them a lot lately!  Since the 40s look was popular in the 80s, I tend to blend these decades a little, to soften the decade that took Joan Crawford's power shoulders and dialed them up to 11.  

But, more on the sweater--when I saw this at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar a month or so ago, I was first drawn to the color, as a lot of Christmas sweaters come in your basic black or white.  

Blue + Red, Red + Gold, Green + Blue, etc-- not exactly naturalistic representations of a holiday staple!

But I was hooked by the sequin bow detailing, and even more so by the really well-done color-contrasted beading, which looks a little like a Fauvist artist got a hold of some holly leaves.  

Henri Matisse, Portrait of Mme. Matisse (1906)
Fauvists (trans. "wild beasts") spurned traditional, "realistic" representation
and favored the bold use of color as a way to bring attention to the act of painting,
 and even to the paint itself.
Henri Matisse, Woman with a Hat (1905)
It was a short-lived movement, but you're probably familiar
with its most famous member.
In any case, I snapped this up immediately, and am happy to be able to present it on Day Three!


  1. I love the hair!! Absolutely hit the 40's look. Love, Mimi

  2. Love the sweater and fabulous hair!!! I know Christmas sweaters have gotten an unjustly bad wrap (or at best, are seen as being woefully kitsch) in recent years, but I really love most of them and would happily add more to my own collection anytime the thrifting powers that be want to put some in my path.

    Have a marvelous holiday season, sweet dear!
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for both of your terrific blog comments today. It made me feel wonderfully warm and fuzzy inside when you said that you thought I'd already be crowned a Queen of Vintage.

  3. Great hair!! And this is my favorite sweater so far!!