Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas Sweaters: On the Twelfth Day...


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas Sweaters,
My friend gave to me--
A Dickensian couple skating…

…a creepy peeping Santa...

the French word for Christmas...

…trees and trees and trees...
a sequin Santa Claus...
a classy Christmas tree!

…beaded holly leaves...

…and a white, sequined icicle frieze!

Sweatpants + No Makeup = Holiday Attire.

My last sweater for the series is a couple skating in a winter wonderland.  I saved it for last because of its immense detail and high quality.

Their cheeks are pink sequins!

Each package on the bench has an actual bow, and the gentleman's
spats have actual beads, and have a patent finish!

The lower back has this adorable detail, skates and a  little carrying case!
My friend Jaime bought this for me in Boston, and I love every single part of it.  There's small shoulder pads for structure, and it's a very sturdy knit, with all the original embellishments still present.  It's my most intricate sweater, and the finale to my Twelve Days of Christmas Sweaters series.  So Merry Christmas to all, Happy Holidays, and hey-- make the yuletide gay!


  1. This is so fabulous! I love how this is a full fledged scene!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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