Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Friends: New York

Guys, I promise I won't always take photos in front of my closet.  I promise.  For the moment, the only times I can get in a shoot are either weekdays before work, or sometimes the weekend, assuming I have somewhere to go!  And between the near-arctic weather outside (no coat? no thank you) and trying to find a place to shoot with my tripod, it's just been easier to take some shots in the warmth of the apartment.  It's actually one of the million ways long-distance relationships suck-- I've realized lately that most of the vintage bloggers I follow have significant others who help out with taking photos.  Unfortunately, my girlfriend's squarely in Baltimore.  There's a few developments in the works that'll hopefully shake things up a bit, but in the meantime I'll be on the lookout for a little indoor location variety!

In any case, last week a friend of mine had the amazing idea of inviting over a group of women she thought ought to know each other.  So over wine and a giant bag of candy, I and about ten other women from different walks of life got acquainted, and it was awesome.  Post-college/grad school, it can be really hard to meet and make friends, and in New York, where everyone seems to be booked two months in advance, it's even harder.  Hosting a friend meet-up is a generous and brilliant way to bridge that gap, and I hope we'll all get together again soon.

As for What I Wore, I took a little inspiration from the women in the photographs I featured last week and did a little 1930s-esque feminine menswear.  It was also a great occasion to break out a new bow tie I got at the Manhattan Vintage Show the weekend before!

I could probably write a post about The Posts I Meant to Write, and the Manhattan Vintage Show would be at the top of that list.  I had an outfit planned and my camera ready to go, and then a small snowstorm forced me to change the outfit.  Then, right after buying my ticket, I looked up and saw a sign that read "No Photography."  So... there went that post.  I did score a few terrific finds at the show, however, and this polka dot bow tie is one of 'em.

I think I like bow ties because they're simultaneously an accessory and an integral part of an outfit.  It doesn't have the look of an add-on, which is often how I feel about necklaces and bracelets.  It's the same reason I'm looking to fill out my brooch collection, and probably why I hunted high and low for a pearl sweater collar.

This skirt is one of my favorites, less because of the color than because of the silhouette; I really like slim-cut pleats, as they can be adapted for looks anywhere from the 1920s-early 1940s (see also Jessica's gorgeous early 1940s-esque look, thanks to a slim pleated skirt).

Somehow, despite the twelve bottles of red wine at the meetup, the skirt came through the evening unscathed--a vintage miracle!

Hope you're well and keeping warm this winter--or cool this summer, to any Australian readers!


  1. This outfit is darling! I love the color scheme and all of the lines!

    Hope you don't freeze for the remainder of winter!


    1. Thank you, I thought the colors would be winter appropriate! I love your Comic Con outfits, by the way--watching Adam West's Batman as a kid was my first entry point into vintage!

  2. A meet-up like that sounds wonderful, and you look super cute!

    1. Thanks so much! I totally recommend setting one up. There was another idea thrown around, where a group of women friends get together, and each bring a lady they think is terrific. Either way, a good time's pretty much guaranteed.

  3. Never, my dear, have I see a modern lady look more lovely or stylish in a bow tie than you do here. I am captivated and thoroughly inspired - and suddenly desperately want a bow tie of my own.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my latest outfit post. It's really interesting that you had that perception of me. I definitely do love circle skirt and voluminous looks, but ultimately I'm a die hard fan of just about every fashion from the 1940s and 50s from start to finish and enjoy wearing looks from throughout that whole twenty year span (plus a few years on either side of that period, too) .

    1. Well thank you so much, you are the sweetest, Jess. I highly recommend finding a bow tie, I feel super put-together wearing one. And speaking of put-together, you obviously look great in whatever era--maybe that particular look just struck a chord for me? In any case, check out that tie, and keep on wearing those slim cut skirts!