Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Snapshot: Oops, I Did It Again.

Hey everyone!  This post is coming out super late for a Sunday Snapshot, but as always my weekends tend to be almost as busy as my weekdays!  Here's what I was up to, between running errands:

Remember that time I said I'd never buy another fixer-upper suit, because it was too much work?  Yeah. Turns out I'm a liar, because Oops, I did it again.

I found a beautiful 1930s suit at a flea market a few weeks ago.  The seller wanted $75 for it--a serious bargain, particularly as the jacket is gorgeous.  It fit like a glove, and I was about to hand over some money when I remembered to actually, you know, inspect the garment.  That's what I noticed a handful of moth holes in the skirt.  There are few worse feelings in vintage life than having to tell a very sweet seller that the garment she thought was near-mint is actually very damaged.  The jacket has only two very minor faults, though, and when she dropped the price by $30, I couldn't pass it up.  So, here I am, back in the repairing saddle again.  This time, though, I went with mending tape.

The biggest of the eight or so holes.
I have this anxiety that when I mend garments, I'm doing it "wrong," but in this case, the drape of the fabric and its color made me think mending tape was probably a good, safe option, so I went for it.

  The mend itself went well, and I'm now debating whether I should reinforce it with a few small stitches.  Any suggestions are welcome!  In the meantime, I'm planning to shoot the full suit in a few weeks, so look out for it!

After making (and loving!) my first skirt, I decided to try another one, this time at the length I'd actually intended the first one to be.  After seriously, seriously hunting around for this precise fabric, I ended up going back to the store at which I'd bought the burgundy fabric.  I'd gone there first, actually, but hoped to find a better price somewhere else.  Turns out, emerald green wool blend is hard to come by.  In any case, I got a good deal on it in the end, and might have enough to make a second, accompanying garment (hope hope)!

Photography lesson: backlighting is bad.
Part of my motivation is also so that I can have a long, cold-weather skirt to wear with the Doris petticoat I got for Christmas-- it's gorgeous, and deserves an outing!

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