Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sunday Snapshot: packing and storage

This weekend I'm in Baltimore to visit my girlfriend and to pack up our apartment. I'm hoping to get some shots of the place tomorrow, to remember it by. We've loved living in this apartment; if it was in another city, I don't think we'd leave for a long while yet. But, onward and upward!

While Kate's at work I've been doing packing prep--cleaning porcelain, washing clothes, and sorting books-- in anticipation of the storage unit we'll be getting while we're in a bit of limbo. I'm a liiiiittle anxious to put my clothing in storage, so I'm going big with the precautions: cedar, padded hangers, cotton garment bags, and a good pre-storage cleanse, all of which are the best ways to ensure protection against moths. If I can't specifically remember cleaning it, it's going in the tub for a soak. It's really time consuming, but for me, it's part of what you sign up for when you collect vintage clothes, or really, when you invest any amount of money in quality clothing. In any case, seeing and handling my warmer-weather clothes is also a really welcome reminder of the coming spring and summer, as winter drags on. 

I've never been fully confident in the detergent I've been using to hand wash, neither from a cleaning perspective nor from a delicates perspective. So while I was doing storage shopping I decided to go for a nicer soap, and I'm really, really pleased. I think I may be the last person to discover it--The Laundress--but it cleans beautifully, it smells great, and my clothes are sparkling! Seriously, they look better than when I pick them up from the dry cleaner. 

Actually that's making it that much harder to put them away...

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