Monday, March 24, 2014

Cambridge Vintage: Oona's Experienced Clothing

I tell you what, this winter just won't quit. My blogging schedule's gotten off a little, partly because of the weather-- between the cold and the wind, it's been really hard to get photos, or to even want to go outside for photos.  But this past weekend I bundled up and went to visit one of my oldest friends in my old stamping grounds of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and made a few stops at some of my favorite vintage spots.

A lot has changed since I lived in Cambridge, including the vintage scene-- one of the best stores around closed, and another one went the route of modern clothing consignment-- so I was relieved when I arrived at Oona's Experienced Clothing.  

Circa 2010, Oona's was a small shop packed to the gills with clothing that ran the gamut, in terms of quality, and the experience bordered on overwhelming.  Since then, the owner's given Oona a complete makeover: it's spacious, beautifully decorated, and features a much more carefully curated selection of clothing, from vintage to modern. The prices are beyond reasonable--my finds, below, put me back about $50 total!

Beautiful mural outside the store's entrance
Accessories and perfume
Dresses and HATS!
Oona's has a huge men's collection.

I will now be on the lookout for one of these glove stands, as my gloves are
currently housed in a shoe organizer. Not very ladylike.
My finds! Two hats--a 60s turban-esque pillbox, an equestrian-themed
topper, and a really pretty Italian mosaic brooch.
One store I never actually visited while I lived in Cambridge was the Garment District. It's a two-story affair, with clothing by the pound in the lower level, and sorted modern and vintage above. I have never been brave enough to wade into a by-the-pound store, so I went right upstairs.  Though there was a very large selection of clothes, I was a little disappointed by how damaged a lot of the stock was-- dresses rarely came with their belts, and were often threadbare--but I will say there were definitely beautiful items to be found.  Case in point: a Ship 'n Shore blouse I found, with tags!

In fact, the tag is the only reason I'm making a point of posting this blouse, and you'll see why below:

It's a bubble tag! Finding New Old Stock with tags attached is always such a thrill, and I'm really happy to have found a Ship 'n Shore in particular. I've had one of their blouses for about three years now, and I can attest, it is indeed unconditionally washable!

What's the best NOS item you've found, or hope to find one day?


  1. Fun! I've been to Oona's a couple times with decent luck (a black 40s rayon dress for me & a fantastic grey wool blazer for Doug) but I've never gotten a chance to check out Garment District. I suppose I should do that...

  2. Oh my god! I lived in Boston for 4 years around 2010 and I only saw Oona's as the chaotic, cramped store you mentioned. So nice to see it streamlined and organized.

    1. No kidding, I was shocked when I walked in. It's so much more organized, but I will say, the downside is they've vastly decreased their inventory. I kind of wish they'd found a happy medium--organized and heavily-stocked--but it is nice to be able to find things.