Thursday, March 20, 2014

Luck o' the Irish: Revenge of the Tacky Sweater

In keeping with the theme from last post, Things On Loan from My Girlfriend, I present this terrific sweater, which Kate brought to Providence specifically so I could wear/photograph it on St Patrick's Day.  Had I been ahead of the game, I would've worn it *before* the day and posted photos on the 17th, but alas, between the poor weather and all the sewing on my mind, I am anything but ahead of the game right now.

Actually not Irish, but an older American-made sweater.
I suppose the Irish probably don't festoon their own sweaters with shamrocks...
If you've followed my blog for a few months now, you might have seen my sequin-filled series tribute to the holiday season, The Twelve Days of Christmas Sweaters.  I was just short of giddy at getting to revisit the holiday sweater spirit with this gem. I hesitate a little to call it "tacky," both because it was a gift to Kate from one of her very dear relatives (all of whom are Irish), and because I think, if it actually fit, it'd be just plain charming.  There's something about a sweater being oversize that makes it hard to take seriously.

Anyway, I have zero qualms about looking slightly tacky myself, so I pulled this shamrock-laced sweater on while Kate and I ran some errands.  Note to self: if you visit a store called "Just Fabric," they're going to sell, uh, just... fabric. Oops.

Sweater Victory.
We took some very quick photos before heading off to cap our day with a drink at an Irish pub. 
Mmm. Smithwick's. 

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  1. I love your tacky sweater posts! It's fun to see someone confident enough to wear them for sheer enjoyment of their over-the-top-ness. I suspect that you're right, and that sweater would look pretty good if it was much more fitted... but it's hard to take an oversized printed sweater seriously ever.