Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nylon in Newport

Last weekend, Kate and I took a trip out to Newport, Rhode Island to get a little sun and sea.  Spring's been a little late in coming, so it felt really great to sip drinks by the ocean and catch some rays. Mmm. Bloody Marias.  

It was also Kate's first go as official photographer, and I think she did a great job! A beautiful background never hurt anyone, right?

Since the weather decided to be nice, it was the perfect opportunity to wear my nylon dress for the first time.  The peachy, sheer color made me feel terrific, even if I was slightly nervous about snagging it on a pier.  Though the original belt's missing, the slip did come along with it, and thankfully it was thick enough to provide just a little warmth against the sea breezes. 

Now, I grew up in Texas, where beaches are warm and sandy. The New England coast is gorgeous, but I'm always surprised by the rocky terrain and the cooler temperature.

But what the East Coast lacks in warmth it definitely makes up for in color-- the beach I went to as a kid was all brown. Brown sand, brown opaque water, brown.  I didn't even know you were supposed to be able to see through ocean water until we went to Florida when I was maybe 12.

So I'll take the rocks if it means beautiful blue water--particularly if the rocks are such a stellar black!


  1. What a gorgeous dress! You look perfect in this outfit, and the backdrop is so pretty. It actually kind of reminds me of a lot of Australia's coastline, and down where I live the water is equally as freezing, even in the summer.
    Kate did a great job with the photos, too!

  2. Oh great feelings than to see that Summer is on the way, when you can be wearing a coat... But bare foot !

    Its not really like it in Paris, well sometimes it is... And then... Ughh today short y weather!

    Have a Nice day!

  3. What an enchanting, evocatively pretty series of photos. For all our stunning landscapes and lakes around these parts, which I love something fierce don't me wrong, I do sometimes pine for the seas and the chance to follow your lead and do a shoot like this. The Pacific is about 4.5 hours away from us and we're hoping to make it down there again later this year (I haven't been in over seven years now!), so hopefully I can take your lead and use the ocean as my backdrop fairly soon.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. gorgeous dress
    ...kate is very talented photographer.

  5. Impressive work on the writer’s part.