Thursday, May 8, 2014

An Almost-Perfect 1950s Spring Suit + Summer Plans!

It's spring!  Finally!  The weather's great, I can put away my tired winter coat, and my sandals are rar-in' to go.  I took the opportunity the great weather afforded and shot this 1950s suit Kate gave me for Christmas.  I'd had my eye on it for a while on Etsy, so I was really excited when she told me what she'd be giving me.  When it arrived, though, the fit was a little wonky, so I had to put it aside until I could get it tailored.  Four months later, it's altered and ready to wear in time for what promises to be an all-too-brief spring.

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I'm pretty happy with the suit overall-- it's a neutral, the Peter Pan collar is really cute, and I can wear the pieces separately-- but it was sort of a lesson in buying investment pieces online.  Though it's from a very reputable seller, the color isn't quite what was represented in the photo, where it was shown and described as a light brown.  In reality, it's more an olive, which is a little more difficult to wear for different skin tones.  The measurements were accurate, but inches don't always tell the whole story-- since the suit was made specifically for the original owner, it retained her silhouette.   Based on the curve of the back and shoulders, I'm guessing it was made for an older woman, and so it took more alterations than I'd thought.  Post-alterations, it fits well, but I'm not completely sure it's as flattering as I'd hoped.  This summer I'll be working on my alterations skills, so I might revisit it before the fall.

In any case, it's really comfortable (win!), and I wanted to get at least one wear in before the temperatures hiked, so Kate and I went out to Roger Williams Park in Providence.  The park is enormous, and is home to a zoo, the city's Museum of Natural History, and the Carousel Village.  

Detail of collar, buttons, and top stitching

It was a gorgeous day to get out and walk around, and was a really welcome respite from the colder, drearier weather we'd been experiencing as we wrapped up our time in Providence.  The show we've been working on is packed up and closed, so we're on our way to Pennsylvania, where we'll be working summer stock-- and for the first time, I'll be doing wardrobe!

I'm so excited for this summer, guys.  It'll be really challenging, and the days will be massively long, between daytime work and running shows, but I'll be learning a ton, and hopefully starting a transition into costume work.  For the last six years, I've been working in more of an academic role, either working with playwrights on script drafts, or doing research and screening script submissions.  I've really enjoyed the work, but apart from a few specific projects, my heart's been decreasingly in it.  I'm hoping that'll change this summer, since I'll be combining two of my loves: clothing and theater.  Either way, I'm jazzed for the work, and for how I'll be able to incorporate Little Heap Vintage into the fact that I'll be basically living in a costume shop.  



  1. That suit is adorable, and you look great in it! I was a theatrical seamstress for a number of years; you're going to have a great time!

  2. Oh what a nice suit, really so elegant and nice, and you look beautiful in it!

  3. The suit is cute, and I love the hat! That pic of you with the wind blowing your hair is gorgeous. Most of all, I'm really happy to hear you're getting into costume work. Seems like a natural fit. I hope you have a blast!

  4. The suit is darling and looks fabulous on you!

    And oh my gosh! YES! Measurements do NOT tell the whole story! Especially if it's just the usual bust, waist and hip. I have a lower than average waist, so often waistlines on garments end up too high on me. I have several garments in the to-be-tailored pile.


  5. wonderful suit!

    good luck on your future plans! so you want to start designing or tailoring the costumes (sorry, the translation for 'costume work' in german doesn't make real sence). :)

  6. Perfect ! You look so beautiful .
    I Love this outfit it is so élégant !


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  7. Lovely suit! I love the pairing with the hat. It still feels like winter in my neck of the world, despite the green grass and sunshine. Your job sounds amazing! Theatre and clothes: a lady after my own heart. Good luck with your summer plans, excited to read about them as they unfold.

    Charmaine x

  8. You found the perfect setting and weather to wear this suit! Lovely photographs, and the little hat is the cherry on top in finishing the look. It's a shame when things don't fit right (the shoulders is where I get caught out most!) and I'm glad that the alterations have enabled you to get the suit to work for you. P x